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How you can support small, local businesses and why it’s important.

Posted on: 31st March 2022 | 2 min

The pandemic has had a dramatic effect on small businesses and the small businesses landscape as a whole. We saw new businesses being started from home during the lockdown. Some saw their sales increase dramatically, while some had the rug pulled from underneath them and really struggled.

At QuickLaunch we love small businesses and work with lots of them. In fact, it’s what our business has been built on. By building small business websites, we help them to achieve their goals online. But you don’t necessarily need your own business or to be working with small businesses directly to help them. It’s actually very easy for anyone to help out small businesses, for little or no cost whatsoever. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can help small, local businesses today:

  1. Engaging with their social media profiles. This is a great one because it doesn’t cost you anything and when it comes to social media, your engagement will mean their page/profile/post will have wider visibility. So, leave a like or a comment or even give the post a share – it really helps.
  2. Sharing helpful content – This is a follow on from the previous point. But it’s more around you delivering value. It’s always good to share. If you’re a member of a community group or page, or if you have your own business – if you think their post would be helpful or valuable to your audience then give it a share (or engage with it). The more people who see it, the bigger the outreach, the greater the chance to gain more followers and make sales.
  3. Listen and share ideas – it can be hard running a small business and sometimes a bit lonely. Occasionally, they are desperate for someone to bounce ideas off, discuss troubles and ideas, or just need a chat about anything other than work.
  4. Networking – introduce them to ‘useful’ people, be it potential clients, business partners or fellow small businesses. These can be a great help to a small business.

And our final piece of advice is to buy from them and encourage others to do the same – if you have the need and the funds to do so, or know someone who does, choose small businesses first. Every sale makes them do a happy dance, whereas the bigger ones won’t even notice.

Most of these tips don’t involve any money, just a bit of time and a few clicks, but they can make a huge difference. It’s more important than ever as we are coming out of the pandemic, to shop locally and help small businesses to thrive. It can be small steps. Shopping at the local veg shop, getting milk or veg delivered from your local farmer – even choosing an independent local gym over a large chain can make the difference.

Go on, make a small business owner do a happy dance!