Why choose Quicklaunch?

See why business all across the UK trust Quicklaunch to get their business online!

We are experienced

We have been designing and building websites for companies all over the world for over a decade. We know what works and how to build and maintain successful websites.

We want you to succeed

We’ve seen so many websites that do nothing for their owners. Our whole platform is geared towards helping you build a successful website and succeed online.

Here when you need us

Our talented team will be with you every step of the way. We will ensure you get up and running quickly with a high quality website and we’ll be on hand to support you as you grow.

Fast and reliable

We’ve cut the development time in half with our bespoke support and on-boarding application. This means we can get you online quicker and make sure you’re website is never out of date.

Our goal is to make websites simple again!

We’ve been building websites for companies of all sizes all over the world for over a decade now. And one thing we’ve noticed is that Start-ups, SMEs and micro-businesses often don’t have the resources to make use of an expensive website or they’re not in a position to make a good return on that investment within 12 months. So they spend a significant part of their budget on something they’ve been told they need but don’t really have anything in place when it comes to using it once it’s complete.

That’s not all...

Committed to delivering value

All of our efforts are centred around delivering as much value as possible. This means as our backend products and services develop to streamline our processes, we reinvest time and resources back into developing new services or products to ensure we can offer even more support to our customers.

Award winning hosting

We partner with one of most highly decorated website hosting companies based in Lancashire. Not only do we have our own dedicated servers but we can also boast an amazing 99.99% uptime (to date).

Completely UK Based

Our UK based support team is available to answer your questions and help you solve any issues you might have when it comes to using your new website. Your account manager is also available to offer support and guidance so can feel safe knowing that you and your website is in the best hands.

Annual Design Reviews

We understand that what’s popular today might not work in 12 months. So we offer an optional service where by you could redesign and refresh your website every 12-18 months. This is also done using analytics data so decisions are based on how users are using your website!

How is Quicklaunch different?

You don’t need to spend all your budget to get a high quality website. And not only that, but our support team is on hand to advise and assist you when you need it. Through our events and workshops (most of which are completely FREE to attend) we’ll help you create a successful website.

And the money you save? You spend that in the areas of your business that need it. That might be using our partner network to help drive traffic to the website, it might be getting a bit of custom development completed or it might be taking the time to attend one of our events or workshops. Or any other of a hundred areas that might need your attention.